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mentre da noi al rientro dalle vacanze ci aspettano i medici di “medici miei”, negli steits uno strepitoso letterman imperversa sulla palin

McCain’s getting old… 72 years old. He’ll be the oldest President ever, if elected. And what will happen if the unspeakable happens… McCain goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up? Then what? “Now who’s our President?” Paul offers, “Wooops!” Dave laughs and adds, “Right. It’s Kitty from the Curl Up and Dye.” Dave admits to now knowing enough about Sarah Palin to say if she would make a good President or not… but he would like our President to at one point in his or her life to have had a five-minute talk about sex with her teenage kids…

[Late Show with David Letterman – The Whaoo Gazette, 2 settembre 2008]

  1. una roba da rete4, al pomeriggio
  2. do iu nò asseptescion?
  3. “partners in crime”
  4. 26.4/29.4
  5. dicono di noi


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