[…] a city where young people go to retire.

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– I had a pretty amazing trip. I mean, it was unreal.
– Really? I can’t wait to hear about it.

– No, I have like a lot to tell you.
– What is it? Come on.

– Do you remember the ’90s?
– Yeah.

You know, people were talking about getting piercing’s and getting tribal tattoos and people were singing about saving the planet and forming bands. There’s a place where that idea still exists as a reality. And I’ve been there.

– Where is it?
– Portland.
– Oregon?
– Yeah.

Remember when people were content to be unambitious and sleep till 11:00 and just hang out with their friends. When you had no occupations whatever, maybe working a couple hours a week at a coffee shop.

– Right. I thought that died out a long time ago.

Not in Portland. Portland is a city where young people go to retire. All the hot girls wear glasses. Remember the ’90s when they encouraged you to be weird? It was just an amazing time where people would go to see something like the Jim rose sideshow circus, watch someone hang something from their penis? You could grow upto wanna be a clown. Like people went to clown school.

– I gave up clowning years ago.
– Well, in Portland, you don’t have to.

– It’s like Gore won. The Bush administration never happened.
– Exactly.

[Portlandia, s01e01 – Farm]

[visto solo ora. fate un giro da suzuchimaruti, e trovate la clip]

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